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Tender Center History
The concept of Tendering is not new – Councils and Local Bodies have used Tendering as a method of selling goods for years because of the advantages that it has over other methods of selling excess assets. Auction houses have used Tender as a method of selling the occasional items – but no-one had ever specialised in selling goods by Tender in an Auction Room style business.
Grandad “Eric” Tender suggested the idea to son Barry, who then talked it over with son Brent who said, “OK - Lets do it”’
And so it was that the Lismore Tender Center opened in May 1996.
220sq.m. of not very impressive showroom in a back lane behind an industrial estate soon developed into a thriving business. After three months the store expanded into 450sq.m, then 800sq.m, then 1350sq.m, then 2200sq.m.
Many hours were spent on refining and documenting the Business System with the goal of getting it to the point where it could be duplicated in other cities.
The Team that had made a success of the Lismore Tender Center engaged the expertise of Franchise Developments (the franchise advisors for Pizza Haven, Auto Barn, Forty Winks and many others) for professional advice on expanding the group through Franchising.
Now the Tender Center Group has developed into a successful franchise chain of independently owned and operated businesses, all working together using the same business system.
(p.s. we are not American – we just spelt Center the way it is because it looks better in the logo. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!!!!!!!!!!!!)