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How to Buy

Easy!!! - Tender an Offer!!

Instore - Call into the Tender Center on the Viewing Days, grab a Tender Form and Tender an Offer!!!

Online - Register for the online Tender Sale – browse through the online catalogue and Tender an Offer!!! Offers to purchase goods may be tendered at any time over the three-day tender sale

  • There is ample time to obtain outside expert advice on an item’s value.
  • No pressure to make an instant decision
  • No one knows how much you have tendered

A Tender is a contract to purchase : when you submit a tender you are signing a contract to purchase. If your bid is successful you are legally bound to pay for and collect the goods within the specified time.

Goods are entered into a maximum of 2 TENDER Sales : If you see an item that was offered for sale in the previous TENDER Sale, you will know that this time the vendor will have the option of accepting the best Tender, or taking it away.

Results: are available Sunday evening via the results page on this website.

Missed out? After each Tender Sale you will receive a ‘Tender Form Report’ that shows you all of the Tenders on the lots that you Tendered for - so if you miss out you will always find out how much they sold for!
The dates of the Tender Sales are available on the Stores' page

Tender Center does not offer delivery but will arrange delivery at the customers request and expense.